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The Odd Couple
by Neil Simon

Dates 19, 20 and 21 February 2004 @ 7.45pm Tickets: £9 (£7 concs)
Venue: London Oratory Arts Centre, Seagrave Road, Fulham, London SW6 1RX (MAP)


Oscar Madison - Richard Ings
Felix Ungar - Phil Matcham
Vinnie - William Lyn
Murray - Justin Butler
Roy - Darren Lee
Speed - Andrea Giacobbe
Cecily Pigeon - Carmen Betteridge
Gwendolyn Pigeon - Tammy Mitchell


Directed by Andrea Giacobbe and Sarah Cottam
Produced by Annabelle Charbit
Stage Managed by Rachel Goldsmith

Designed by Sarah Cottam
Deputy Stage Manager: Sukhraj Dhillon
Assistant Stage Manager: Natalia Bamboat

Lighting: Alistair Macdonald
Sound: Sally McElhayer

Publicity: Judith Bardzil, Clare McDowall, Michael Hubbard
Make-up: Pippa Allenby
Set construction: Melissa Kinealy and members of the crew


Neil Simon's award winning play The Odd Couple is a classic American comedy known the world over for its magical humour and witty repartee.

After being thrown out of his home, the fastidious and fussy Felix decides the only thing for him to do is to move in with his best friend, Oscar Madison, a divorced man living alone in an upper eastside Manhattan apartment.

But friends donít always make the best roommates.

Oscar is an incorrigible slob, hoarding week-old sandwiches under his pillows, while Felix is a neurotic housekeeper, compulsively vacuuming, dusting and polishing.

The chemistry between these comically mismatched divorcees unfolds magnificently, flanked by their poker-playing buddies and a couple of British expatriate sisters from the apartment upstairs who create an unforgettable scene of innuendo-fuelled magic.

Marvellous humour combines with poignant drama, exploring the themes of friendship and male-bonding, as we wonder....

Can these two men live together without killing each other?

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