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Some Explicit Polaroids
by Mark Ravenhill

Dates July 2, 3, 4 and 5 2003 @ 7.45pm. Tickets: 7 (5 concs)
Venue: Putney Arts Theatre, Ravenna Road, Putney, London SW15 6AW (SEE MAP)


Nick - Darren Lee
Helen - Frances Bodiam
Nadia - Isabella Valenzuela
Victor - Jerome Quiles
Tim - Greg Bloom
Jonathan - Pete Picton

(Voiceovers by Andrea Giacobbe, Jane Hammond and Michael Hubbard)


Directed by Michael Hubbard
Produced by Melissa Ormiston
Designed by Claire Simpson
Stage Managed by Tammy Mitchell

Lights: Jane Hammond, Alistair MacDonald
Visuals: Terry Pearce
Visuals Operator: Sarah Cottam
Sound: Alistair Macdonald
Music Supervisor: Michael Hubbard

Assistant Director: Jane Hammond
Assistant Stage Managers: Harriet Russell, Sarah Cottam
Stage Hands: Sam Paris, Carolyn Davis

Wardrobe: Zoe Hornby and members of the company
Make-up: George Solgala-Szumowski, Stefano Fabbi, Carolyn Davis
Publicity Graphics: Harriet Russell, Terry Pearce
Publicity Assistants: Judith Bardzil, Clare McDowall

Front of House:
Melissa Ormiston, Claire Simpson, Judith Bardzil, Jacquetta Picton, Rachel Branton, Clare McDowall, Debbie Warren, Zoe Hornby, Richard Williamson, Sam Paris

With thanks to:
Debbie Warren, Ann Carroll, Denise Bailey, Keith McDonnell, Billy Harris, Blitz, Andrea Giacobbe, Jane Dickerson-Shinn, Emma Weaver, Carmen Betteridge, Marie Darker, Anthony Briggs, Simon Clarke


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Nick is released from prison into New Labour Britain to find a truly global world that makes little sense. His first contact is with ex-lover Helen, like him a former activist.

But she's changed too, and now she makes the buses run on time and has the odd lesbian fling.

Nick falls for lapdancer Nadia, who is enduring a relationship she scarcely cares about, and who is unable to get to grips with the whys and wherefores of life.

She lives with Tim, a gay man whose hedonism has come full circle. But his made-to-order fun boy Victor doesn't seem keen on feelings.

And does Jonathan hold the key to explaining life, the universe and everything?

Mark Ravenhill, author of the explosive Shopping and Fucking, hints that these people's lives are as they are not by accident but by sickening design, and investigates how people cope with winning and losing in the new global village.

Some Explicit Polaroids was first produced by Out Of Joint in 1999, and this new production by Chelsea Players makes use of multimedia.

Warning: Contains explicit adult scenes, language and themes.

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