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Milo's Wake (2003)
by Margery and Michael Forde

Dates 19, 20, 21 and 22 Nov 2003 @ 7.45pm Tickets: 9 (7 concs)
Venue: Barons Court Theatre, 28A Comeragh Road, Fulham, London W14 9RH (MAP)


Milo O'Connor - Andy Hamilton
Maura O'Connor - Frances Bodiam
Ned O'Connor - Charlie Sanford
Brooke - Kerry Curd

The Wren Band - Suzanne McClelland & William Newell


Directed by Jane Hammond
Produced by Melissa Ormiston and Judith Bardzil
Stage Managed by Tammy Mitchell

Assistant Director: Sarah Cottam
Deputy Stage Manager: Harriet Russell
Assistant Stage Manager: Fiona Forrest

Lighting: Sally McElhayer
Technical Supervisor: Alistair MacDonald
Artistic Designer: Harriet Russell
Publicity Assistant: Darren Lee

Make-up: Stephano Fabbi and Carolyn Davis
Wardrobe: Clare McDowall
Australian Dialect Coach: Fiona Forrest
Irish Dialect Coach: Siobhan
Music Advisor: Suzanne McClelland
Set construction: Andrew Forrest, Tammy Mitchell, Sarah Cottam and members of the crew

With thanks to Andrew Forrest, Judith & George Hammond, Nadine Crowe, Nadine's Nanna, Michael Hubbard, Ashley Larter, Judith Larter, Chewbacca, Kim Van Wyck.


Milo O'Connor is alarmed. Although his doctor has declared that his chest is clear, Milo is convinced he can see Nostradamus in his X-Ray. This means only one thing - he's got one foot in the grave and the other on the brink.

For Milo, one of the sadnesses of life is that people only say good things about a man after he's died.

Determined that this won't happen to him, he decides to hold his own wake ahead of time, complete with songs, poetry and live music, to give family and friends the opportunity to raise a jar and sing his praises.

But the family and friends have other ideas...

Milo's Wake is a contemporary Australian/Irish comedy set to have audiences singing, dancing and drinking stout in the aisles. A fantastically funny, honest and moving piece craic full of marvellous music, sparkling repartee and moving performances from an outstanding cast!

"Jane Hammond directs with an eye for knockabout humour..."
The Stage, November 2003

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