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And Did Those Feet...

Dates 15, 16, 17 and 18 March 2006 @ 7:45pm Tickets: 10 (8 concs) - cash and cheques only.
Venue: Putney Arts Theatre, Ravenna Road, Putney, London SW15 6AW (MAP)
Bookings: 020 8946 2263


William Blake - Pete Picton
Catherine Blake - Louise Amos
Frances - Rachel Branton
William Hayley - Alexander Gordon-Wood
Lady Hesketh - Francis Bodiam
Courtier #1 - Lucy Whittemore
Courtier #2 - Emma Logan
Courtier #3 - April McCormack
Betty / Anne - Miranda Harrison
Grinder - Andy Hamilton
Josie Grinder - Alexandra Mackenzie-Smith
Duke Of Richmond - Richard Watkins
Clerk / Soldier - Graham Woolmer
Cocks - Robin Hodges
Schofield - Andrew Wyld
Captain / Driver - James Limm


Directed by Phil Matcham
Produced by Ani Chakrabarti
Stage Managed by Rachel Goldsmith and Sarah Hiscock

Lighting: Alistair Macdonald
Assistant Director: Angela Bull
Artwork: Sarah Hiscock


Chelsea Players presents the world premiere of Chris Mounsey's And Did Those Feet.

In 1800 the celebrated poet/artist William Blake moved to the village of Felpham in Sussex. Whilst there, Blake had a minor altercation with a soldier (Scofield), who was found trespassing in his garden.

Events then took a more serious turn as the soldier turned on Blake and accused him of treason and sedition at a time when England feared an invasion by Napoleon.

The subsequent trial and his experiences whilst in Felpham left a lasting impression on Blake and shaped the writing of the classic hymn 'Jerusalem', which is still revered and held today as a true icon of 'Englishness'.

This is a humorous yet dramatic and stylised account of this complex and troubled period in Blake's life and the events that inspired him to write the famous hymn. Did Blake really think England's lands were green and pleasant?

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