What to Look for When Picking a Function Room

Looking For Great Function Rooms Birmingham

Whether it’s a corporate event, a lavish wedding or a themed birthday party, picking the right function room for your event is a critical decision. Ironically, this decision is usually at the bottom of

finding function rooms in birmingham

finding function rooms in birmingham

the priority list, or not on the list at all. Picking the right function room requires more than just finding a vacant hall. The decision should be taken after careful research and considerations. Here’s a list of things you must consider when looking for function rooms in Birmingham at facilities like The H Suite.

Size Matters

You don’t want your guests to be stuffed in a cramped room where they can’t walk without bumping into each other, neither do you want them to be so distant that they’d have to scream to communicate. It is important that the function room is able to comfortably accommodate all the invited guests, along with the décor and furniture.


While you are setting aside a budget for catering, photography, décor, invitations and other expenses, do not forget to add function room to the list. You must know how much you will be willing and able to spend on renting a decent function room, as that will set the base for other aspects like capacity, catering, décor, etc.

Inclusive Services

It is important that the venue manager spells out what is included in the price for renting the function room. Is the décor included? If yes, does it match your party? Is food included? If yes, what is the menu they offer? Do they have backup generators? Do you have to clean up after the party? You should know what you are getting for the price you pay.

Renting External Services

What is the venue management’s policy on renting external services? Is it compulsory to use the in-house caterer or can you outsource catering? Same goes for decorator, florist, DJ, and photographer. It is best to know ahead of time so you can make necessary arrangements. Sometimes the venue management is able to provide a list of good event vendors.

On Site Parking

Your guests having to drive around in circles looking for a parking spot will be a mood killer even before they join the party. So make sure that the venue has sufficient parking space for the number of guests invited.

Party Hours

If your party is planned for a Saturday night, is there any event at the venue on the afternoon of the same day? If there is, you might be in a time crunch for your party’s set up. Check that before finalizing a book. Also make sure you know what time you have to wrap.

Keep these considerations in mind when picking a function rooms birmingham and you’re party will become the talk of the town!